Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Piece of the Week:
Unremarkable Me

The pearl is set in gold,
And the oyster tossed aside.
In passing by the window,
No one looks inside.
Everyone respects the rain
And overlooks the dew.
You only like the frame
When the picture mirrors you.

I’m here, you care;
I’m not, you don’t.
I think of you;
Of me, you won’t.
I’m real as life when I’m around,
Then fade from memory.
I’m likable,
But forgettable—
Unremarkable me.

While looking at the moon,
The stars lose their shine.
Grapes are withered in the sun
Unless they can be wine.
Everyone enjoys the movie,
But the credits are ignored.
However sweet each separate note,
You only hear the chord.

I’m here, you care;
I’m not, you don’t.
I think of you;
Of me, you won’t.
The first impression’s all you want,
Don’t need my whole story.
I’m likable,
But invisible—
Unremarkable me.

The oyster can be sustenance.
The window invites you in.
The dew can grow a flower.
The frame is more than trim.
The stars can lead you home.
The grapes nourish your health.
The credits can build a masterpiece.
The notes are soulful wealth.

You’re here, I care;
You’re not, I won’t.
Still feel alive;
Need you, I don’t.
The light can blaze within myself
Without anybody.
I’m incredible,
Not destructible—
I’m remarkable me.

Unremarkable. I actually didn’t have a prompt for this one; I just sat down and wrote. But for anyone who likes to borrow prompts from this blog, unremarkable would be this week’s.
One major reason this blog has been dormant for over a month is because I’ve never been able to consistently keep any kind of daily journal. Instead, I’ve decided to try making this a weekly blog. I’m thinking Wednesday is a good day, being in the middle of the week.

Work in Progress:
The other major reason I’ve been off this blog so long, is I’ve been finishing up my latest submission for Agora International eBooks. It’s called Loki: Why I Began the End. It’s told in first-person POV by Loki, who is telling his wife Sigyn all about how he came to be banished from the gods of Asgard, and why/how he started the chain of events that would ultimately unleash Ragnarok. Here’s a section from the beginning:

I’ll never forget the first time I met Odin. I’d heard of him from all over—-mostly from my fellow Jotun. He was always called our greatest enemy, as he was the god who slaughtered our earliest ancestor, the first to exist, the giant called Ymir, and so started the archrivalship of Jotun against Aesir, giant against god. And though I held willing kinship with—-albeit a scarce few of—-the Jotun, I did also greatly admire Odin’s deed. After all, in slaying Ymir, he assembled the world as we know it with the giant’s corpulent leftovers. Far be it from me to deny a man like that his due respect.

Distractions Used:
The Big Bang Theory, Seasons 1-2. I’ve still got to watch the Season 3 finale—-my sis has it on her DVR. It would figure that the only two new shows I watch—-Chuck and The Big Bang Theory—-would overlap their finales.

Currently Reading:
I’d just been reading over my Loki story, really, for revisions. I guess you could also count my main Norse mythology reference book: Myths of the Norsemen by Helene A Guerber. One of the tricky parts in writing the Loki story, was choosing which spelling to use for each character’s name (Freyja or Freya, Baldur or Balder, Idunn, Idunne, or Iduna, etc). I tried for “easy to read” yet “classic”.