Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Piece of the Week:
It was surprisingly succulent, through the moist, crisp surface of the fruit. She chewed it slowly, marveling at the mysteriously bittersweet taste that washed over her palate. With each turn of the fruit in her mouth, a new sensation swept over her, and a new spark of wisdom opened her mind. A tang of bitterness taught her about pain and suffering, then a twinge of sweetness taught her about happiness and laughter.
With a swallow, all knowledge and sensations culminated into one sudden burst in her core, spreading a searing warmth through to her toes and fingers. When it all cleared, she opened her eyes.
And she could and would never again close them.

Apple. Suggested by Dev Kimiko. It made me think of Adam and Eve--specifically Eve.

Work in Progress:
Haven’t worked on this one in awhile. It’s a story that takes place in a world somewhat loosely based off ancient Rome/Greece, where athletes are the most highly regarded members of society.

She could feel a subtle leak of adrenaline tingling her fingertips as she stood at the archway, just out of sight. Waving her arms and stretching her legs, she loosened every inch of muscle in her slight body five times over. Before, she could only hear her own breathing. Now, she could hear the wave of cheers from the crowds seated around the city arena--it was five times larger than the one in her hometown. And excited and nervous chuckle escaped her as she hopped in place to keep her blood in motion, watching as the host of ceremonies took his place at the center of the track field. As he held the bullhorn to his mouth and began to speak, anticipation shot along her spine.

Distractions Used:
Two and a Half Men on TV.

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None right now.

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