Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Piece of the Week:
Those arrogant, selfish, irresponsible spawn of a witless savage!
What do gods need with fire, anyway? We only need it to keep warm and help us stay alive. They, what, need it to stare at when they’re too bored to torture us? And it’s not like I stole it all; they still have more than enough to last them an eternity.
Gods. They create us, then ignore us. The only times we’re ever granted their attention is when we’ve done something they think is wrong, or when they wanna knock us around.
What right have they to any superiority, anyway? Because they live longer than we do? Hasn’t made them any wiser. Because they’re perfect? Ha! Give me about five minutes to get that poor joke out of my system. If the gods are perfection, then so are war criminals and rabid vermin.
Ah, yes. The gods. I just took some fire to help us survive, and they see fit to bind me to these rocks. Zeus also said he would have a bird eat out my liver every day. Knowing their sick sense of humor, I’m sure he was serious.
Well, I hope their stupid bird chokes on it.

Bound. Suggested by raimeisan. It made me think of Prometheus, who is the narrator of the above monologue.

Work in Progress:
Haven’t been working on any lately.

Distractions Used:
Simpsons on TV.

Currently Reading:
Still working on Beastly. Haven’t had much time to read in one sitting.

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Anonymous said...

That was really exciting to read!
I love the direction you took with that prompt - I was not thinking anything like this at all when I suggested it.
Of course, I love things that allude to past works and mythology. I think you did a good job narrating what Prometheus might have been thinking.