Thursday, July 8, 2010


Piece of the Week:
I can do it. I know I can. So easily.
The bows, the fragments of their language--I even know the dance by heart.
I've tried to show him--to show all of them. While Jack took center stage on Mister's arm, the crowd applauding and fixated on his every twitch, I sat in the background, following along, but with greater precision, grace, and timing.
No one ever saw me.
But now they will. Now that Jack is "gone".
There's Mister, coming into the room. So I'll squawk and gesture with my head, and he'll come, and then I'll show him that I'm the real star--and have been all along.

Parrot. Yesterday at the library, the entertainer brought exotic animals to talk about and share with everyone. After the program was over, he was telling the stragglers about how his one parrot Abbey had killed another bird, Jack, who had always been the star of the show. Then the following day, she gestured for him to come see something, and showed him the entire show's routine.

Work in Progress:
I've been stuck between work, rehearsal, and catching up on my voice acting, so I haven't been doing much writing.

Distractions Used:

Currently Reading:
Nothing right now. It's quite hideous and shameful how bare this section has been.

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