Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Piece of the Week:
I’m waiting.

One planet out of alignment,
And if I knew which one,
...I’d move it--
And if I could,
I’d find you behind it.

After all,
Where else could you be?
I’ve searched in my life,
My prayers,
My dreams,
Without a sign.

How long has it really been?
Most phenomena–
The most spectacular–
Occur every hundred
Or thousand
Have I known you before,
When the last star struck?
When the last eclipse
Renewed the sun?
When we were different people
In a different place
In a different time?

However long it has been
Or will be,
I will not be deterred
By another pair of eyes.
I will not be distracted
By another crescent smile.
I will not be taken in
By another soft whisper.

I will wait
Just for you.

Waiting. I actually wrote this one without prompt--just sat and wrote--but there's the prompt for if you need it.

Work in Progress:
Nothing lately.

Distractions Used:
The rain outside.

Currently Reading:
Nothing lately.

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