Monday, March 15, 2010


Piece of the Day:
It's not a boring as you might think, really. From my position, I can see just about everything that goes on in the known universe. I see comets racing across the sky, blackholes devouring stars, I can even see every event of every planet before my sight--the people, the creatures. So I really shouldn't complain.
I suppose it was heavy at first. I don't really remember, honestly. I've gotten used to it by now. I think it made me sore when I first began, but it's molded itself a comfortable place in my back and shoulders. If I shift, it feels awkward, but I really shouldn't complain.
I just wish...well, I've never been able to witness the world I've dedicated myself to. I know nothing of the struggle between humans and gods. I have no idea of the fate my titan brothers and sisters have been subjected to. If I could only glimpse, or even hear what is happening in this world on my shoulders...
But...I guess I really shouldn't complain.

Atlas. This came about, because I'm involved with a musical theatre production, and this one motion we make reminds me of Atlas holding up the world, which brought this piece about.

Work in Progress:
None today. Not much time this Monday.

Distractions Used:
That 70's Show--not on DVD, but on TV. Didn't even have much time for TV today.

Currently Reading:
Nothing today, either.

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