Thursday, March 18, 2010


Piece of the Day:
The rising sun sheds colored hues
Upon the green of morning
Up the hills and down the meadows
Rainbow rivers pouring

Spirits sound in bright array
With fragrant essence blowing
In the winds a humble beauty
New life boldly growing

Sing out for nature’s glory
Sing out for this new birth
Sing out the oldest story
Sing out, all the Earth

Spring. It’s so gorgeous outside now, I had to write a dedication to spring. And this song could actually be useful in one of my stories, too…

Work in Progress:
Worked on a bit more Zealandia today; not much. But enough to post a tidbit here:

“Do you know how I can get back home?”
“No one in Zealandia knows. It’s never been done.”
She sat up in determination. “But there’s got to be some way. If there’s a way in, there must be a way out.”
“Addie would know better than anyone else.”
“No, I don’t!” she shouted. “Addie doesn’t know anything about this place, okay? The people here know Addie better than she knows them; how can she…?” She clamped her mouth shut to stop herself from talking in third-person. Then, with great hesitation, she asked one question she had been greatly fearing: “Have I been here before…and forgotten about it?”

Distractions Used:
Manor House. Good stuff.

Currently Reading:
My reading now consists of a copyediting project I’m doing. No details on what I’m reading, of course--it’s not my info to share--but it is good reading.

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