Monday, March 8, 2010

Global Nomad

Piece of the Day:
It was first seen in the beams of the Eiffel Tower. What few tourists had seen it could have easily disregarded it as an illusion--possibly brought on by vertigo--but it left its mark in an undeniable way--just as any ordinary bird "leaves it mark", but this was more peculiar.
The next witness report came from India, where it very contentedly made the emperor's outdoor pool its own personal bath. Perhaps it didn't leave a mark, but no one would deny what regal eyes had witnessed.
The third appearance--and the last for some years--was Tokyo Tower. Perhaps it felt the comfortable familiary, or maybe it just liked high places. By then, it had grown larger, and bent the beam it perched on. But the mark it left was enough to repay its actions.
I saw it. Just now. Just before documenting this report. Like everyone else in the States, I laughed at the tabloid stories, all with accompanying pictures (artists' renditions, not actual photos). But it's a different matter altogether when it's out on the deck, wrecking the patio furniture. I went immediately for my camera, but none of the pictures turned out. All the megapixels in the world couldn't capture it--but I was going to, if even with my bare hands.

Global Nomad. It's the name of a company that makes beads and beading supplies (I was shopping for beadery today). I don't much like what I ended up writing, really; I could have done a lot better with a prompt like that. But I thought that for the nature of this blog, it shouldn't be anything refined/revised. It should all be the first thing I come up with. Not every strike of inspiration lands a bulls-eye, after all. Btw: the "mark" was supposed to refer to something like a goose that lays a golden egg. That was the idea I was--for some reason--going with. Hopefully my mojo will be of a better grade tomorrow.

Work in Progress:
Didn't work on any today. Monday is "get all my errands done today" day.

Distractions Used:
None. Maybe that's why it turned out so ugh. I'm working at the library, so I'm not allowed distractions here.

Currently Reading:
Not yet.

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