Sunday, March 21, 2010


Piece of the Day:
“Nisho, I’m bored. Nisho?” She turned her head and walked. “Nisho? NISHO!”
“I’m right here; take it easy.” He touched her outstretched hand.
“You have to tell me before you take off like that! You know I hate not knowing when I’m alone.”
“You’re bored again.”
“We can talk about...” Nothing.
“There’s nothing left to talk about, Rakara. I’m going again.”
“Going where? Where is there to go?”
“This way, that way, forward, backward, up, down...”
“But where does that take you?”
“I want to go with.”
“Why don’t you go away yourself?”
“But how will I find you again?”
“I’ll find you.”
No farewell. All was silent. He was gone again. Distraught with this familiar situation, Rakara sat with arms crossed in a sulk.
A creative turn of mind found her not long after. Fading into herself, she felt her face tug into a smile as she snapped her fingers. Suddenly, all that was around her changed. Looking down, she could see herself for the first time, and grinned in wonderment at her own beauty.
“Rakara! Where are you?”
And she could see him, Nisho, for the very first time. She ran to him, taking his hand.
“I’m here! Nisho, you’re so beautiful!”
“You can see me?”
“Yes! I can see you! I can even see myself! Isn’t this fantastic?”
“But now I can’t see anything! What happened? What did you do?”
“I was tired of not being able to see anything, so I created something to help me see! It’s wonderful!”
“No, it’s not! Get rid of it!”
“No! You’ve always been able to see, and now it’s my turn!”
“But this is ridiculous!”
“Ugh! You’re so selfish!” Getting an idea, she snapped again, summoning everything into her hand. “How about this: we’ll take turns. I’ll set this to expand after some time so that I can see, then to contract after that same amount of time so that you can see.”
“’s my turn now!”
She cast out all she contained in her hand. “I want to give it a special name. Maybe...Rakara’s Sight.”
“Maybe Nisho’s Blindness,” he scowled.
“Or! I could call, I think I like light better. Yes, light.” She said the word at least six hundred times, relishing it more and more.

Creation. I’m in the musical “Children of Eden” now, which begins with the creation of the world. I actually wrote the above some time ago, but thought I could post it here, with a good prompt. There’s more of it posted at under my username MystrisFiction.

Work in Progress:
Didn’t get much done today, except for a little bit of my sci-fi story:

The window turned to a monitor, displaying a flickering, colorless picture. The quality was so poor, that it was difficult to determine what life form was there.
“TYG Kestrŏl akőwkika! Pesim galŭjsaf rosti!” After taking a short moment for the translation to activate, the message played again: “TYG Falconwing has been hit! Send relief vessels now!”
Ken rose from his chair—TYG stood for Tāt Yakō Galŭj, an enemy vessel. “Helm…” He was about to give the command to resume their normal course, but was alarmed at the inkling to change his mind and help the ship anyway.
Your orders, sir?” the helm asked again.
“Helm: Set a course for six degrees north-northwest, sixteen leagues, four-pulse speed. When you reach the destination, slow to halt.”
Even at a slower approach, it took only one minute to reach the destination point specified. Ken determined that the distress signal had been sent out some hours ago, which explained why it had faded to such poor quality--there was no ship, only pieces of floating debris. Yet the amount of debris spread far and wide, proving that it had been far larger than the space station he salvaged weeks ago.
“Helm: Approach at drift speed. Halt and scan for vital signs.”
As the ship obeyed, he wondered what he would do if anything was found. Bringing the enemy aboard his ship and treating their injuries would be treasonous. However, harboring the enemy as a prisoner and transporting him to the proper authorities could mean a commendation. The deciding factor came from no practical reasoning, but rather from something completely irrational: After such a boring lull, he wanted to be useful again; he wanted someone else but himself on the ship again.
One life form detected.”

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Flintstones (Season Five).

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