Sunday, March 7, 2010


I’m Maia Jacomus, age 25, author. Well, I’ve had only one book published so far, but I’d like to try to write for a living. My one published book is an ebook, a fantasy novella called Laodamia. You can find it at (only $3!). Other than writing, I love theatre, voice acting, video games, and painting. I could go through some other random factoids, like favorite color, favorite song, food, etc., but I’ll just get to the point of this blog.

You see, sometimes, my writing mojo fails me. I’ll want to write—I’ll sit down, open my laptop, pick out a story, read over some of what I last wrote…and nothing. Seeing as I’d like to write for a living, this is something I need to remedy. So I thought a blog of writing prompts would be a good idea—get my mojo flowing…or whatever it is mojo does. Also, I thought making it an internet blog would be a good idea, because then other people can use my prompts, or suggest prompts to me. Now, notice how I said use my “prompts”—no one’s allowed to use the pieces I write, or what I may post of my current works.

So here’s how my blog is going to look, starting tomorrow:

Piece of the Day:
This section of my blog will contain my writing piece for the day. I will find a word or object associated with what I did that day, and will write something based on it—a poem, short story, or just a blurb.

What prompted the “piece of the day”. If it was suggested to me by someone else, I’ll credit his/her name here. You are free to—of course, read—and also to post comments containing your own piece you wrote based on the prompt. Also feel free to post comments containing prompts you would like to share with me/see me write.

Work in Progress:
Admittedly, I have loads of these—stories that I’ve started, and that I’m working on to make into novellas/novels/etc. for publication. I’ll post the title, and my favorite bit of what I wrote for it that day.

Distractions Used:
I seldom like to write without distraction of some kind—either music playing, or a TV show or movie playing. I like some kind of background noise to keep me alert. Otherwise, I could be stuck staring at my monitor, trying to think of an idea, and fall asleep on the keyboard. Okay, that’s never happened, but it could make me bored enough to stop writing altogether, which isn’t good.

Currently Reading:
Now that I have the time, I’d really like to catch up on my reading—I have at least ten books in queue. Hopefully, this section will be in as constant use as the others.

First post to come tomorrow!

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