Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Piece of the Day:
I don’t think I could ever fully express the magnificence of that carriage. It was glossy black with soft red velvet drapes and wheel spokes that glistened like icicles with gold trim. It was pulled by four horses that dazzled white even in the cloudiness of the day, standing with more graceful and proud a stance than even the master had ever borne.
The carriage also seemed enveloped in an ethereal glow. Perhaps it was merely the sheer joy of that day, or perhaps it was surfacing from the boggy darkness of the servants’ narrow corridors below stairs, and rising up above stairs and out the door into the natural light.
I felt so humbled by the image of that carriage, as was proper for my status, but when he stepped out…his face, his smile at me…I knew I belonged. I knew that I was truly his daughter, though I had never seen him before--and I knew that the divine carriage before me was taking me away from my life of subservience and to a genuine home.

Carriage. While watching Manor House, I watched a carriage drive up to the house, and that was somehow enough. This blurb is about a servant girl who discovers she is the illegitimate child of a nobleman who once visited the house as a guest. I wondered about the language, but decided that she wrote this after having lived with her father awhile, and after having received education appropriate for her new status.

Work in Progress:
I didn’t work on anything new today--not yet. I was putting up what I’ve already written of my fantasy novel Indra of Fantasma and of my Alice in Wonderland story Zealandia up on authomony.com, hosted by HarperCollins. I greatly hope and would greatly appreciate if anyone reading this could go there and back my books. If my books get a high enough rating, they will be considered for publication by HarperCollins, which would be my only chance, seeing as I don’t have an agent. I would especially appreciate the support for my fantasy novel. In order to support my book/s, you do need to register with the site (just use an e-mail that you don’t often check, though really the site won’t send junk mail to you). Then find my profile here (http://www.authonomy.com/Profile.aspx?userid=4bfaa6f9-ec52-4c13-b994-a3f0af1f1ab8), scroll down to my books, click on them, read them, and if you like them, select “back this book” on the book’s page. I would also appreciate any helpful comments/critiques you could post there.

Distractions Used:
Manor House. This is a great English reality show sort of documentary, done in 2001. They have present-day people live in a manor house as people lived in Edwardian times in England--some participants are the servants, and some are the masters. It’s very interesting, and as long as it is, it’s a good background distraction.

Currently Reading:
Nothing yet today, but I plan to put in at least a chapter or two before bed tonight.

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